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Illambazar Model Academy is the best private school. The teaching staffs, non-teaching staffs and the students are the members of IMA family. The students are treated as family members and the staffs treat with students as like as their parents treat. It makes the spiritual path of the students to success for this Duniya and the Hereafter. So welcome our unique family…………
Illambazar model academy is unique Islamic school at Illambazar. Best disciplined environment. Best Islamic environment. Here students learn about the orders and the prohibitions of Allah, Subhanuwa Taa’la. Here the staffs encourage the students to obey the Sunnah (traditional customs and practices of Muhammad, peace be upon Him). We always try to make our students practicing as well as well-educated in this Duniya in order to get success in Akhirah, the Hereafter. We believe, religious discipline will bring the discipline of life for the students and we all know that “Discipline is the refining fire by which talent becomes ability.”
Your child deserves the best education, so hurry! Admit your children to our best Islamic boarding school. The school premises is kept neat and clean. We provide healthy learning environment. Best adjustable environment for the students. Here the student learn in the lap of nature, everything is systematic in its own unique genre which are very compatible with best education.
Stay Home….Stay Safe… Just call us to enroll your kids for admission to the best Islamic mission school in Birbhum. Now you can easily booked a seat for your child to admit in our school. Just click on our website and registered your child’s name. Website:
Start your child off with modern and Islamic education for both the world. Students prepare their class work as well as the home work in the class. The teachers help them to do so. Computer class is compulsory LKG to class VIII. Our students participate in various types of ‘Talent Search Examination’. We think a student deserves
Face the world with confidence as Allah (swt) with us. Every success come for the will of Allah (swt). There is excellent reward (success in the Hereafter) for the hard workers. So we guide the students to make Allah (swt) happy by their hardworking. As confidence will never be less if we make happy Allah (swt) by our good deeds. All these thoughts are in our curriculum.

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